My Election Musings

America was the big winner in the mid-term election of 2006. The Dem's' control both houses of Congress. So now what? We have Nancy Pelosi as Leader of the House starting in '07. She said she wants to clean up the ethics problem that has plagued us for eons in Congress, especially for the last 12 years, all 12 of which have been controlled by the neo­ cons with their corrupt values. Not all Republicans have ethics problems, or are representing only the rich and the huge corporations. It was a Republican named Eisenhower who warned us about the Military Industrial Complex in the early 50's and there are still some Eisenhower Republicans around. Ms. Pelosi wanted an anti Iraq War Democrat to become the speaker of the House who had been caught on tape accepting a bribe. That happened years ago but it happened.
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What does this say to the voting public about Nancy's ethical values? Dennis Hastert may be moral and ethical enough now and do just a fine job as majority whip and I like him but he has an unethical past, on film. Fortunately a majority of the Democrats were wise enough and prevailed. Now Nancy Pelosi has a cloud over her head, right out of the chute. What's her next act? I like her values but she needs to give more thought to her decisions before she makes them.

The whole thing reminds me that things are not going to be all rosy now that the Democrats control Congress. There are Dem's who have voted along with the Republicans on issues like torture, preemptive war, homeland security and the list goes on.. They have the same ethics and corruption problems as the Republicans, just not to the same degree. I feel better about the people that will be in charge in Congress for now, not much better, but we still have two branches of Government that are controlled by the neo­ cons who insist on enacting outrageous laws. They' not supposed to do that but they do, and get away with it, so far. I'm looking foreword to seeing how the new Congress reacts to those attempts in the future.

Yes, America was the big winner and could be an even bigger winner in 2008 if the Democrats don't squander their winnings. They need to show that they don't hate every one of a different religion, political leaning, sexual orientation, etc. and they need to be clean, which has become a novel idea of late. Also of great importance, they need to continue to pursue those in the Government who have committed crimes, regardless of which party the criminals align themselves with. They need to counter the fabrications of the extreme right with gusto and they need to read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all the Amendments.

I suggest that the Supreme Court be required to read it weekly and those who can't or don't want to follow the laws laid down in those works need to be replaced. They should be required to read what Jefferson wrote in explanation of the Constitution, especially his "Letter of Separation" explaining that the very first amendment, the "Separation Amendment" to the Constitution states that Church and State are to remain separate, not meddle in one another's affairs. Those who can't understand that don't belong in any branch of government. They were our founding fathers who first came up with the Separation idea and it worked. Governments around the world that didn't follow suit have failed. The framers had had enough of the churches that controlled governments ­ the Catholic Church, the Church of England, the Puritans. Adams was the only one of the framers who wanted America to become an oligarchy, run by a few rich Christians. Let's be thankful he was overruled. I have been told by many people that God is mentioned in the Constitution a number of times and the number is always different. I have searched the Constitution and find no mention of God, not once.

It took about ten years to hammer out the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and get it all ratified by the states. The last to sign were Jefferson and Washington's Virginia. Virginians didn't want the new government telling them they had to free their slaves...something Jefferson, Washington, and some of the others wanted. In the end, the only slaves Jefferson freed where his own children and only after his death. Washington freed his slaves in his will. The Constitution was ratified only after the emancipation clause was removed from the document.

So we don't always get what we want, that's democracy. 'Ignoring the Constitution is not a moral value.', as proclaimed by the present government. A Democracy is what this country is supposed to be. This country was not intended to be controlled by the churches, corporations or those with money, which is the present situation. Remember "We the people"? The corporations even got a law passed that makes a corporation a person, with all the protections and freedoms afforded a person.

So where are these next two years going to take us if the Dems ignore the wishes so loudly heard in our most recent election. It wasn't the Democrats who turned the voting public to their party. It was the Bush administration and the Republican Party, with all the corruption and immoral displays that caused so many people to leave their party in disgust. Now it's up to the Democrats to keep the voters. They're not going to do that by showing a tolerance for failed ethics and dishonesty. It's Nancy Peloci's job to lead the Democrats in the House. She has a "hard job" and I hope she's up to the task.